Frequently Asked Questions: Security Camera Pilot Program

Contact Charles Liuson or Michele Colgan if you have additional questions.

1. What is the background on the security camera program?
Over the course of the last several years, Bay Farm has experienced recurrent incidents of vandalism on campus during non-school hours. The PTA has been working with Principal Freitas, district personnel, the Alameda Police Department, and Harbor Security to devise ways to deter vandalism. The plan is to implement a small pilot program to monitor areas on campus where vandalism commonly has taken place with security cameras. These cameras will only be operated during non-school hours.

2. Why security cameras?
It is felt that the cameras are a good first step in addressing vandalism. The hope is that the perpetrators will no longer come to our campus once they understand that cameras are in place. In addition, the cameras are low cost (under $200 each) and low maintenance.

3. What kind of vandalism has occurred?
Incidents include damage to school property, graffiti, and trash left on campus. While the incidents are minor, they affect the morale on campus and require custodian time and district funds to rectify.

4. When have the incidents occurred?
Most incidents have occurred on Friday and Saturday nights and at night during school holidays.

5. Who is suspected of the vandalism?
Although it is not known definitively, it is believed that adolescents are performing the vandalism.

6. How do the cameras work?
The cameras are motion sensitive and take photos when triggered. The photos are emailed to PTA contacts who will review the images and, if deemed necessary, contact the Alameda Police Department to investigate. IMPORTANT: The cameras do not capture video and there is no real-time monitoring of the images; the cameras capture photos only which are reviewed after the fact.

7. Will the cameras be used during school hours?
No. Cameras will be used exclusively during non-school hours.

8. What is the funding source?
Cameras are paid for with PTA funds from the PTA safety budget.