2012 Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale

1. Review the Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale Regulations
2. Fill out and return this registration form
3. Including a $20 registration fee payment. Make your checks out to “Bay Farm School PTA”
4. Drop off registration form and fee at the Bay Farm school office during regular school hours. There will be a box
for “Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale”.
5. Submit registrations and payment to Bay Farm School office no later than WED Oct 3, 2012. Registrations will be
closed after that date.

2012 Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale Regulations
Thank you for your interest. The Bay Farm School PTA welcomes you to this annual neighborhood event.
Please review the following. Applies to All Contractors, Vendors and Assignees
1. Vendors can start setting up at 7:30am. Bring your own tables, chairs, items to your assigned spot that was
emailed to you. You will be assigned a spot in the Bay Farm School parking lot. The assigned area is the size of a
parking slot.
2. The Parking Lot Sale hours are from 8am to 2pm on October 6, 2012.
3. Vehicle traffic is not allowed within the Yard Sale area (The parking lot).
4. Do not park vehicles along the RED-painted emergency curbs. We need to keep these lanes open for emergency
vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation
Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed/towed.
5. Vendors must stay within their designated selling area defined by painted white lines and behind the stall
numbers. Do not exceed beyond the painted white lines and stay behind the numbers in the front of the selling
6. No motorized vehicles are allowed to be parked in your designated spot. Please use street parking and
load/unload items.
7. “Pack It In, Pack It Out”: Take all of your garbage, trash, recyclables, boxes, packaging, and unsold items with
you at the end of your selling day. We do not provide any trash service for vendors. Failure to do so could result
in fine or lockout of future yard sales. The fine would be the cost to dispose the items at the local dump. WE
APPRECIATE YOUR COOPERATION. (We love our school. Let’s keep our school looking good. Do your part.)
8. Vendors must be off of the Parking Lot Sale lots by 4:00 PM.
9. Do not sell illegal, dangerous, or inappropriate items. Do not sell or attempt to sell, market, advertise, give away,
or have in your possession: illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, medicines, nutritional supplements, alcohol,
stolen property, fireworks, firearms, weapons, and/or any other illegal items.
10. Do not sell or attempt to sell, market, advertise, give away, or have in your possession any tangible property (i.e.
counterfeit or knockoff items) or intangible (intellectual or artistic) property (i.e. pirated CDs, DVDs and other
items) which is the subject of a copyright, trademark or tradename, or other indicia of ownership, which you do
not own or have license or other lawful right to sell; and do not engage in any activity forbidden by
copyright/trademark/tradename protection laws, including, without limitation, 17 U.S.C. section 101 et seq. We
reserve the right to determine restricted and or offensive merchandise.
11. Vendor Code of Conduct: Physical or verbal threats or abuse, obscene, libelous or slanderous conduct,
disruptive behavior, willful disobedience, profanity, vulgarity, open and persistent defiance of authority, or the
persistent abuse of School or PTA personnel will not be tolerated and may result in immediate and permanent
expulsion from the Parking Lot Sale.
12. Bay Farm School PTA reserves the right to deny anyone the opportunity to sell at the Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale.
13. Refund Policy: You must submit an email to bayfarmyardsale@gmail.com to request a refund. All refund
requests must be received before Oct 5, 2012 prior to the Yard Sale. Refunds shall be for a maximum of your
registration fee of $20 per space. There will not be any Credits or Rain Checks. Refunds will be processed and
mailed to you within three (3) weeks.
14. Violation of any of these regulations may result in fines, removal of vendor, refusal to allow reentry,
denial of further use of the yard sale market, and could also result in forfeiture of any fees.
15. By submitting an application, you agree to these rules and regulations including the Code of Conduct and
Refund Policy.
16. Regulations are subject to change without notice
For the most up to date regulations check the website at www.bayfarmschoolpta.org/parkinglotsale