Bay Farm Parking Lot Sale

Thank you for your interest.
Here are additional information

Items We Do Not Take

No Large furnitures and appliances.
No Mattresses or box springs
No HEAVY or oversize items please.

Please do NOT donate damaged, torn, dirty/stained or broken items.

We cannot accept electronic equipment that is considered "e-waste", which includes computers, computer peripherals, microwave ovens and televisions.

To recycle e-waste contact Waste Management.

Books  - Items We Do NOT Take

Any news type magazines
All Encyclopedias 

Music & Photos - Items We Do NOT Take

Video Cameras
Cassette Tape Racks & Carriers
Electric Organs, Full-Sized Upright Pianos, Player Pianos

Bric-a-Brac & Office Supplies - Items We Do NOT Take

Artificial Xmas Trees 
Tree Stands Xmas Lights

Children's - Items We Do NOT Take

Car Seats
Cribs with Rungs Wide Enough to Get a Tennis Ball Through
Dirty Strollers or High Chairs
Broken Furniture

Electrical - Items We Do NOT Take

Console Phonograph/Stereo/TV Units
TVs of Any Size
Cell Phones and Cell Phone Chargers
Fax Machines

Furniture - Items We Do NOT Take

Lazy Boys
Dining Room Tables 
Furniture that is Broken, Stained, or Needs Reupholstering
Box Springs
Office Furniture of Any Sort
Couches or Hide-a-Beds

Household - Items We Do NOT Take

Toxic Materials
Paint of Any Kind
Matches or Flammable Fluids

Linen - Items We Do NOT Take

Electric Blankets & Controls
Futon Mattresses

Sports & Toys - Items We Do NOT Take

Firearms of Any Type including Toy Guns
Heavy Exercise Equipment

Clothing - Items We Do NOT Take

Soiled or Torn Articles of Clothing
Articles of Clothing with Missing Buttons or Fasteners