Quorum for PTA Meetings

Quorum needed for 2010 Bay Farm School PTA Meetings:
  • Membership Meeting Quorum: 14
    • # of officers + 4 and we have 10 officers
  • Board Meeting Quorum: 7
    • # of officers + Principal + Teacher Rep /2 +1.  We have 10+1+1

From 2010 Bay Farm School PTA Bylaws

Page 5 l.

Article VII, Section 5b (p. 14) - The voting power of the association is equal to all members as
stated in Article VII, Section 6. The quorum must assure general member participation beyond
that of the executive board. The minimum quorum for an association meeting is the number of
officers plus four (4) or eleven (11), whichever is higher. Officers are listed in Article V,
Section 2.

Page 5 o.

Article VIII, Section 7b (p. 16) - The quorum for an executive board meeting is based on the
number of executive board members, including the principal and teacher representative (majority
= 112+ 1 to the next whole number) or five (5) whichever is higher. In the event that there are
special circumstances, allowances can be made after consultation with the state parliamentarian.