How to Get Involved at Bay Farm

This page is a useful resource to help you to get more involved in the school. Not only will we list various needs within the PTA, but we will continue to post information that can help you and answer questions that you have as you volunteer throughout the school.

Please let us know if you would like to see more information on this web page that will help you find more opportunities to get involved, or to help you with you current volunteer positions! Thank you!

Opportunities to Volunteer

The numerous events and activities that the PTA sponsors could not happen without parents volunteering. Your time and talents are needed for the continued success of these events at our school. Even just one hour of your volunteer time makes a great difference. Below are a few volunteers positions that are open, and folks to contact to learn more about how to find something for you!

OT denotes "one-time" events (assisting the coordinator in planning and executing the event)
E denotes evening event
D denotes daytime
  • Go Green volunteers. OT E  Contact Michele Kuttner and Lorri Garrett
  • Reading Naturally. D Help kids to read. Contact Linda Woodworth
  • Ice Cream Social volunteers OT E. Contact Charles Liuson
  • Auction Committee and volunteers. OT  Contact Cindy Lum
  • Evening on the Green volunteers OT E. Contact Charles Liuson
  • Disaster Preparedness volunteers. Contact Anne Bereis
  • Movie Night volunteers OT E. Contact Charles Liuson
  • Butterfly Garden and Outdoor Learning Center volunteers. D  Contact Lorri Garrett
  • Lunch room/Recess yard volunteers OT D. Contact Shelley Patterson
  • Book Fair volunteer OT D. Contact Marti Cooper
  • Staff Appreciation week volunteers OT D. Contact Linda Woodworth and Joelle Prislin
  • Technology. D Contact Rak Bhalla
If you have any questions about the role that each event/activity requires, email the respective contacts listed. 
Still have questions? Please feel free to email Julie Hong or Michele Colgan! 

Interested in taking a lead role (or co-lead) in a PTA event or activity for next year? These are the positions that are still available and we would love to have your help!
    Thank you for your continued support of our school!

    Heading up a PTA Activity or Event?

    Thank you for volunteering to help organize one of the PTA activities and events! Hopefully this section can help guide you through a few steps through your event.
    1. Contact the person that headed up the activity/event from last year. If you do not have that information, please contact the PTA president. S/he can put you in touch with that person.
    2. Find out from the PTA president if you have a budget (an 'allowance') for your activity/event and how much it is. This will help you budget your expenses as you plan your event.
    3. The PTA president will also be able to inform you if there already has been a date chosen for your activity/event. If not, you can work with him/her to choose one that is convenient for you.
      • Splash: Submit event to our school email newsletter at: . Please send your email before Sunday evening.
      • PTA Website: To get your event publicized on the PTA website, submit details to Carmen Klube
      • Flyers: Flyers for the Wednesday folders should be placed in teachers' mailboxes by Monday afternoon. ALL FLYERS MUST by approved by Julie Hong or Michele Colgan PRIOR to be photocopied. The PTA has a copier in the teacher's lounge.
      • Posters: You may place posters around the school (use painters tape only!)
      • Morning assembly: Announce your upcoming event to the students and parents in the morning. Contact the principal.
    5. If you need volunteers for your event, you may ask other parents - or contact the PTA President. We'll help find volunteers!
    6. ON CAMPUS EVENT?: You may need to reserve the MP Room, Library, or other room. You may also work with the custodian to insure that tables, chairs, etc. are set up as needed. If you need the bathrooms open during your event, this needs to be noted in your event notice.
    7. If you need to be reimbursed for your expenses, fill out an expense form and place it in the Treasurer's folder that is located in the PTA Folders in the school office. Download PTA Check Request Form (pdf)
    8. Please contact the Financial Secretary to drop off any money that has been collected from your event.
    9. Have Fun!! This is a great way to meet new parents and families and contribute to our school! Thank you!

    Room Parents

    Thank you very much for taking the time to volunteer to be a room parent! Teachers today have a tremendous number of responsibilities placed upon them, and often are without enough resources and time to complete all the tasks. Room parents are an invaluable asset in bridging this gap. This is a very important role in the school that benefits our teachers, parents and children. We hope that you enjoy this year being a room parent!

    The role of a room parent can be described in four major areas: Liaison and Assistant to Teachers; Liaison between Teacher/School and Parents; Gift and Donations Organizer; and Party/Food Planner.

    • Liaison and Assistant to Teachers

    The primary two roles that a room parent has with the teacher is to: help recruit/coordinate volunteers and to assist with communication within the classroom. There are many activities and events that are held in and out of the classroom throughout the year. Field trips, parties, and classroom projects are just a few examples where teachers would greatly appreciate the room parents' assistance in recruiting parents to help.

    Teachers also need help communicating with parents. There are the Wednesday folders, but sometimes teachers may need a room parent to email or call the classroom parents to inform them of a last minute change in a field trip, or other notification.

    • Liaison between Teacher/school and Parents

    There is a lot that goes on day-to-day in the classroom, and teachers are more than happy to accept the assistance of room parents in sharing classroom and school information directly to the other classroom parents (non-sensitive material). For example, room parents may choose to send a reminder to parents about various PTA events and activities such as a Book Fair, Magic Show, Movie Night, etc. Parents have quite a lot going on in our lives and a little reminder or invitation to a social PTA/school event is a great way to encourage community outreach.

    As more and more parents discover who are their room parents in the classroom, the room parent will become a primary source of information for general PTA and school information. It's a great way for room parents to meet other parents at school!

    • Gift and Donations Organizer

    Organizing a classroom gift for a teacher is absolutely at the discretion of the room parent(s). It is not mandatory nor is there is specified amount that is encouraged. Every classroom is different, and it is up to the room parents to decide which (if any) times of year a class/group gift is appropriate. Some classrooms collect donations for: teacher's and/or aide's birthday, Winter Holiday gift, Teacher Apprecation gift and/or End of Year gift.

    It is critical for the room parent to convey the message that a donation to a class gift is optional. A letter soliciting donations may kindly include a suggested donation amount.

    • Party/Food Planner

    Both our children and teachers enjoy having food (other than their regular lunches) brought to them on special occassions. The children may have parties to celebrate various holidays or events such as: Halloween, Christmas, Valentines's Day, 100th-Day of School, or Last Day of school. The type of party and types of food should be discussed with the teacher. Room parents help organize party volunteers: set up, food, drink and paper product donations, and clean up.