Art Docent Duties and Tips 

Coordinate with your Teacher 
  • Make sure you discuss the lessons with your classroom teacher prior to the lesson date. Teachers like to plan ahead for messy projects. 
  • Please look in the cabinets of the Art Supply Room first to see if we have the supplies you need. You may ask your teacher to use the construction paper in the teacher’s lounge (there are MANY colors). There are also many di-cuts available for use in the teacher’s lounge. 
  • Ask the teacher for pointers or help. 

Art Materials 
  • Fill out the sign-out sheet on the supply cabinet for the supplies you take. 
  • Buy materials if you need them. Let the PTA Art Coordinator know if costs will be more than $50. 
  • Reimbursement for materials: PTA folders are located in the Main Office. Locate the Art Docent folder and fill out the form for Reimbursement. Please include your name and address. Staple the receipt to the form and place it in the PTA Treasurer’s Folder. A check will be mailed to you. 

Art Lessons 
  • There is a collection of large prints and coordinating lesson plans, by Grade, in the Art Supply Room. If you use the prints, be sure to explain to the students that you are showing them reproductions of great works of art and that the ORIGINAL paintings are on display in the world’s finest museums or in private collections. An overview of the prints are also available here: (comming soon)
  • You are welcome to create your own lessons!! You can also use the prints in your lesson! You may want to do a sample of the project with your child to see how it will work. 
  • Try to incorporate vocabulary about the art – research the art you will discuss AND BRING NOTES! 
  • The first 10-15 minutes of your program should consist of a “chat” with the students about the artist or art you are presenting. You should think of this as a “conversation” that you are facilitating rather than a “presentation” that you are giving. The goal of this program is to give kids exposure, not to make them experts. Give the kids lots of chances to share their thoughts and impressions. We cannot emphasize enough that Anyone can be an Art Docent. You do not need to know anything about artists or art. With a little bit of reading, you can quickly learn enough to create an interesting 10-15 minute conversation with the kids. If you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to, say you don’t know. Ask the kids for their ideas! 
  • Arrive at school a little early and sign in at the office. 
  • Please be aware of time and clean-up. The only evidence of your having been in the classroom should be some beautiful art. Tables should be wiped, paintbrushes should be cleaned with soap and water and squeezed dry, etc. The kids should help with clean-up. Always take supplies and materials back to the supply cabinet. Do not leave them with the teacher. 
  • If you have a project that you created and would like to share it, please send a copy of your lesson outline to the Art Coordinator to make available to future Art Docent volunteers. 
Let’s see it!!! 
  • Kids, parents and teachers all enjoy seeing the beautiful art that has been created! Please take a photo of the art or a group of finished artwork and send it to the Art Coordinator. The images will be placed on the PTA website. We do ask that you do not photograph the students, as we are not allowed to put images of students online – art only please. If it is dry and you have time, it would be great if you could stay to help hang the art on the walls in the classroom.