WELCOME, and THANK YOU for your participation in the Art Docent Program!

Art Docent is a fantastic program run by parent volunteers, supported by our PTA. If you are interested in inspiring our kids and experiencing the first look in their eyes when they discover the magic of their own art, then this is a great opportunity for you to participate in! 

In our Art Docent Program, our students will have the chance to experiment, experience, create and most of all learn about a variety of artists and art techniques. 

Kids love and always look forward to art lessons. It is amazing to see kids get excited once they see you coming into their classrooms to teach art. You'll be astonished when they run in to you and share with you what you taught them days or months ago. Then you will know that your donated time was well worth it and quite meaningful by getting back much more than what you gave.

Please visit our lesson development and toolbox page for more information. 

Thank You for joining us!

Additional questions? Please contact Dories Arias